Welcome at Ebro aQuatic

Ebro Fish Farm has been on the market for over 10 years, initially with koi and feed.
Since a few years is our range of products expanded enormously. Our customer base has also become considerably larger.
Time for a new name that more covers our activities.

Ebro aQuatic is our new name with a new logo + new website


Ebro aQuatic develops and produces products for aquarium, pond and aquaculture. We specialize in innovative products for aquaculture and pond.

Ebro aQuatic originated from 35 years of practical experience with fish and their habitat in both freshwater and seawater.


Ebro aQuatic is the exclusive distributor of aQuari Koi, aQuari Aqua and aQuari Marin.




We supply specialized wholesalers and importers throughout Europe.





Products in our range include: filter systems, filter materials, aeration, UV lamps, nets, PVC connection materials, aquarium backgrounds, sea salt, special feeds, artemia hatchers and fish egg breeding equipment. All tailored to the customer’s wishes.



For Japanese koi see www.ebrokoi.com



We are a certified fish farm:
Núcleo Zoológico
No E2500045