The aerating of systems is often underexposed, one uses too heavy air pumps with the wrong outlets.
Ebro aQuatic introduces SKG blowers in combination with Pro Diffusor Air for efficient aeration or the operation of a filter in gravity setup by means of an air lift.


EFF SKG Blower

Side channel blowers combine a high air output with low power consumption.
The EFF SKG Blower is available from 40.000 l/h up to and including 2.000.000 l/h




Pro Diffuser Air

A new diffuser in HDPE with great advantages compared to traditional diffusers:
1. Pressure loss less than 0.015 Bar
2. Energy-saving, up to 25% less energy costs
3. High air yield with even bubble flow
4. Chemically resistant even at high hardness
5. High oxygen input
6. Can be used in all systems
7. Unbreakable
8. Low maintenance and easy to clean.

Length          Total length          Air quantity              Connection
  80 mm            110 mm                      1.000 l/h                     1”
160 mm            190 mm                      2.000 l/h                    1”
250 mm            280 mm                      3.000 l/h                   1½”
400 mm            430 mm                      5.000 l/h                   1½”
750 mm            780 mm                      9.000 l/h                    1½”

Other sizes on request!


Pro Diffusor Air Disk

Diameter                 Air diameter                  Air volume                Connection
260 mm                      240 mm                        9.000 l/h                         1½”



Oxygen cone

Air and oxygen for the fish, up to 300% oxygen saturation at a flow of 100 m³ per hour.
Thanks to a special disc made of porcelain, our oxygen cones have exceptional values with a very low energy consumption, because the pure oxygen is released into the water without pressure.
Our oxygen cones can easily be mounted in front of the inflow opening.
We like to adjust our cones in terms of size, connections and flow to your needs.