Koi in Spain

Koi is, as a heat-loving species, extremely suitable for the Spanish climate.

Because of the relatively mild winters, in most places in Spain, the koi will stay active all year and search for food. From 8 ° C water temperature we can feed the koi regularly. However, the recipe must be adapted at these low temperatures. Above 15 ° C water temperature we can offer the koi a food for growth.
These feeds contain a high protein content of 40-50%.
Never economise on a good feed, which is characterized by content substances and packaging.

Good food is never cheap, because good ingredients such as fish meal, vitamins and minerals are not cheap.
However, it must be ensured at all times that there is sufficient aeration and sufficient oxygen in the water. The oxygen saturation decreases rapidly with higher water temperatures.

See the table below.

Watertemperatuur                   Opgeloste zuurstof
in graden celcius                        in mg per liter water

0                                                            14.6
5                                                            12.8
10                                                          11.3
15                                                          10.2
20                                                           9.2
25                                                           8.4
30                                                           7.6
35                                                           7.1