Filter Materials

The development of new filter materials is extremely fast, especially in terms of surface and cleaning.
Ebro Fish Farm is always looking for the latest products, but also has products that have proven themselves in the range for years.


BT filter material

BT filter material has been specially developed for applications in aquaculture and water purification. Because of the large protected surface, relatively little filter material is needed for an optimal result. This BT filter material can be used in trickle filters, moving bed and static bed filters.

The BT filter material is available in:

  • BT10 (10 mm surface 1.180 m2/m3)
  • BT20 (20 mm surface 640 m2/m3)
  • BT30 (30 mm surface 370 m2/m3).

Available in various colors and densities (from 0.90 to 1.4)



aQuari Aqua Niphex

Niphex is a completely new medium for phosphate and nitrate removal in seawater.
A unique combination of 3 different biodegradable polymers to safely remove nitrate and phosphate from seawater – 1 liter of Niphex is sufficient for 1,000 liters of seawater.

aQuari Aqua Amex

Amex can remove the toxic ammonia, phosphates and other undesirable substances from the water through cation exchange. Amex contains macro and micro nutrients. Absorbs odors and stabilizes the pH value.
For aquarium (2-5 mm) and pond use (15 mm).

aQuari Aqua Cristal

Aqua Cristal is a highly porous filter material made of glass. This glass is burned at very high temperatures together with foam-forming elements. Aqua Cristal is a filter material with by far the highest available surface of all filter materials and has very good aerobic and anaerobic properties, which are expressed in optimal water values and crystal clear water. Very suitable for trickle filters, multi-chamber filters and pressure filters.



Japanese matting

Original Japanese mats with a high density – solid structure – high surface.
Used as biofilter material, the Japanese mat has an open structure through which the water can flow well. It has a large surface area for the growth of bacteria. It is a lightweight material. In addition, the Japanese mat can also serve as a mechanical filter for larger dirt particles such as  algae, leaves, etc.

An additional advantage is that it is an easy to clean material.
Standard in the sizes: 100 x 100 x 3.8 cm – 120 x 100 x 3.8 cm – 150 x 100 x 3.8 cm and 200 x 100 x 3.8 cm.
Other sizes on request.