Filter Systems

Ebro aQuatic has various filter systems in the program.
Not developed from a theoretical point of view but purely from practice.


Drum filters

Drum filters remove dirt particles up to 10 microns in a quick mechanical way.
The drums are robust and reliable. It is a simple and efficient filter system. The dirty water flows into the drum and further through the filter cloth.
All larger dirt particles remain on the filter cloth and the water flows to the biofilter. The filter cloth is automatically sprayed through nozzles to prevent the filter cloth from getting closed with dirt. The dirt particles are then removed. By default, dirt particles (larger than 60 mų can be removed) such as feces from fish, algae etc.

Of course, the drum filters can also be provided with filter cloth with different pore sizes.
The drum filters are silent in use and 100% seawater resistant.



Protein skimmer seawater

With a protein skimmer especially proteins and fats are removed together with bacteria, algae and other substances that adhere to the foam bubbles. The technique is relatively simple. Very fine air bubbles are blown in a tube with waste water, the resulting foam with the dirt particles in it is removed at the top of the reactor. This technique has been used in seawater for a long time.

The big advantage is that the water is also enriched with oxygen. By dosing ozone, the action of the skimmer is increased and bacteria are killed.

Another advantage of skimmers is that the pH stabilizes and the system is not dependent on bacteria and works directly. The foam production is removed by the automatic flushing in the foam cup.




Protein skimmer freshwater Berlin

This filter, specially developed for large koi ponds with a high occupation, removes proteins, degradation products of proteins, algae and dirt. The Berlin has a high flow rate from 20.000 l / h to 250.000 l / h.


Multibay filters

The multibay filter has the advantage that different filter materials can be used in a system. These filters are built in HKP HDPE with the main advantage: 100% weather and UV resistant.


Trickle filters

The trickle filter is the most efficient filter to quickly break down ammonia and nitrite. To achieve good degradation, the filter must meet a certain volume and flow. Example: Trickletower 2 (dimensions 1.5 x 0.6 x 2.0 meters) has a pump capacity of 50 m3 per hour.